Mary Royer, M.S.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Mary Royer trusted Christ as Savior in her childhood. She grew up in the Los Angeles area. As a teen, she committed her life to Christ to serve in missions in whatever way God should choose to use her.


She met Ken while they were both students at Biola University and they became husband and wife following Ken’s graduation in June 1962. They have one daughter, Michelle, who with her husband, Matt McCoy, lives in Orange Country. Michelle and Matt have three sons and one daughter: Sean, Luke, Mark, and Elouise.


Educationally, Mary is a graduate (B.A.) of Biola University. She also completed the Master’s degree program in Marriage and Family Counseling at California State University, Fresno, in May 1992.


In areas of ministry, Mary and Ken served with CAM International from 1969-85, specifically working with young adults desirous of serving the Lord in missions. For the majority of 17 summers, they led on-the-field training programs in Central America and Mexico, called Practical Missionary Training. For three years, Ken was also the Director of New Personnel for CAM International, guiding the incoming process for new CAM missionaries. During this time they lived in Dallas, Texas.


From 1985 to the present, Mary and Ken are serving with Link Care, where Mary is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Ken is the Director of Missionary Care. They are part of a team seeking to assist missionaries and pastors to be as effective as possible.


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