Gordon Glessner, M.A.


LMFT 36479

Gordon Glessner, M.A. received his B.A. in English, and his M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. He began his career at Link Care in 2004. Gordon generally likes to work with adults whose struggles are linked to unresolved childhood relationship losses. These include such things as:

    • Worry and anxiety
    • Depression and burnout
    • Struggles with guilt, shame and self-doubt
    • Low self-worth as reflected in self-criticism and self-distrust
    • Fear of taking meaningful risks
    • Indecisiveness
    • Reactive (anxious) anger
    • Job performance problems due to anxiety or burnout
    • Relationship problems, including codependence, over-accommodation, fear of being vulnerable, and difficulty saying “No”
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Self-medicating through addictive behavior

Gordon has consistently focused on learning and applying strategies to facilitate the healing of childhood and other relationship wounds in adults.  He previously held a certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming), but has allowed that certification lapse as he moved to strategies that, in his experience, proved both more relational and flexible, yet just as rapid. Gordon’s primary model is summarized in a yet unpublished book, Tapping the Image of God. This model blends 4 or 5 experiential therapies which, in his opinion, lead to a polished sense of healing that is relatively rapid most of the time. This model primarily focuses on relationship trauma resolution. It supports clients in identifying and developing their internal resources and using those as primary tools to help them heal naturally, usually with less stress and minimal, if any, homework. 

Gordon loves to learn! When it comes to therapy, most of his reading is and has been driven by the conviction that there must be better, generally faster ways to help people heal with a higher degree of polish. The challenge of therapy lies in the reality that, no matter how much one knows, there is always more to learn. Two things Gordon greatly appreciate about Link Care: Culturally, it has proved to be a caring and accepting work environment. It has provided a rich learning environment in which he has enjoyed a great deal of freedom to find his personal style of working with people and hone it.