Link_Care_RPG_Flyer_web.pdfMinistering to pastors and missionaries who have encountered difficulties while in ministry. This is a program centered on finding renewed perspective on life and ministry, help for stress, burnout, marital issues, cross-cultural adjustments, career evaluations, morality issues, children’s adjustment, and grief & loss challenges.  Approximately 70% of those who have been in the R+PG Program return to ministry. Over the years, that has amounted to almost 5,000 pastors, missionaries, and their families.

This program includes clinical and pastoral counseling, weekly group sessions, a few hours of work responsibilities, and the supportive fellowship of other missionaries and pastors on campus. Designed for specific needs, the program averages a one to two month stay. Counseling is offered in individual, marital and family contexts.

The Pastoral Care component provides guidance for a healthy spiritual life, boundaries, spiritual warfare, interpersonal relationships, as well as shame & grace.  *Completely furnished apartments provide accommodations for participants in the R+PG Program.

Are you or someone you know interested in the Restoration+Personal Growth Program? Contact Ken Royer.

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Bob Willis
Sr. Pastor, Northpark Community Church

"Those of us in ministry, and our families, deal with unique situations, pressures and even temptations. It is a great comfort and benefit knowing that Link Care is there for us. They are committed to helping The Church, by helping pastors. Many ministers, their families and churches have been enriched through Link Care. It is a joy to partner with them in prayer, partnership and financially."