Tessa Gillispie, M.A.


AMFT 120107

Licensed by Jennifer Smith, PsyD PSY23436

Tessa is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and received her Master’s degree from Fresno Pacific University, Biblical Seminary in 2020. Tessa has been practicing at Link Care since 2019. She enjoys working with adults of all ages, as well as children 6+. Specific areas of interest include anxiety, trauma, spirituality, addiction, and postpartum depression and anxiety. Tessa also has first-hand experience in various ministry settings and enjoys working with people who serve in ministry. She understands the unique challenges of serving in this capacity and enjoys processing these experiences with her clients.


Tessa primarily works from a psychodynamic orientation. She believes that the past holds significant insight into our present. Through recognizing wounds of the past and addressing patterns and coping mechanisms that have developed in response to these wounds, Tessa believes individuals can begin to feel less stuck and facilitate new growth and awareness in their lives.


Tessa desires to provide an accepting and non-judgmental environment where it is safe to explore any and all experiences and concerns. She recognizes that asking for help is difficult and that the vulnerability that therapy requires takes courage. Her desire is for individuals to experience the therapy room as a safe space to freely process their internal world to bring about healing.