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Link Care Center trains & counsels pastors, missionaries and our community to help them be more effective in life & ministry.

Life’s challenges sometimes leave wounds that need healing. Link Care exists to help people overcome hurtful events, gain tools for successful relationships, and become more effective in Daily Life. We provide professional, emotional, mental & spiritual care through our team of licensed Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Pastoral Counselors and Social Workers; ministering to the whole person−mind, body and soul.

Since 1965, clinical and pastoral counseling has been provided in a nonjudgemental environment by a professionally trained team of therapists and pastoral counselors with a variety of specializations and interests.

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2018 Video for Pastors

*These forms are available for you to print and fill out to expedite your first session at the counseling center. These are print only forms. For security reasons do not attempt to send this information electronically. Documents should be kept in a secure location and brought with you to your first appointment. All documents provided here are also available to you upon your arrival at the counseling center and may be completed at that time. If you prefer to complete and review the paper work at your first appointment, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow time to review and sign the documents.

Created for Connection® Workshop

February 7-8, 2020

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The goal of this workshop is to help couples repair, enhance, and continually grow the connection in their love relationship. No matter the stage of your relationship, this workshop will teach you and your spouse how to connect emotionally to create the relationship of your dreams.

  • Learn what drives distress and distance
  • Understand the logic of emotions
  • Identify, recognize, and stop that negative repetitive pattern
  • Create safety so you can complete conversations


Couples Who Used to Feel Close and Connected and are not sure how to get back to that way of relating to one another.

Dating or Newlywed Couples looking to build good habits and a strong foundation for the future.

Long-Term Couples who feel stuck or not at their best.

Couples who Need a Little Maintenance and want to continue to build-on and encourage a thriving relationship.

*Created for Connection workshops are not for couples in extreme distress; this would include current abuse, active addiction, or current/ongoing infidelity.