The counselors at Link Care are highly skilled in providing professional and ethical care to those who are hurting and navigating life’s challenges. Through our biblically based counseling center and our Restoration and Personal Growth program, we have been helping restore the whole person, mind, body, and soul for over 55 years.


Life brings us challenges and sometimes we're left with wounds that need healing. it can be helpful to talk with a counselor about issues related to our work, marriage, family, or personality. The Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Pastoral Counselors at Link Care extend care to anyone who would benefit from their expertise. Link Care exists to help people overcome and recover from hurtful events, gain tools for successful relationships and become more effective in daily life. 

  • As a Christian Counseling Center, Link Care serves both Christians and non-Christians in its mission to provide excellent, professional counseling. We are privileged to extend our services to everyone who lives in the Central Valley area and through tele-health our clinical team is available to those within California. 

  •  The RPG program specifically ministers to pastors and missionaries who have encountered difficulties while in ministry. It is centered on helping our clients find renewed perspective on life and ministry, addressing issues related to stress and burnout, working through marital distress, cross cultural adjustments, career evaluations, morality issues, adjustment for children and teens, grief and loss, and concerns related to transitions among many other things. Find more information here.

  • Link Care is blessed to have highly qualified pastoral counselors on staff to serve missionaries, pastors, and lay people.  

    Link Care provides 5 free sessions to a licensed or credentialed full-time pastor in the Central Valley. To schedule those appointments, call the Counseling Office at (559) 439-5920, ext 145 and tell the New Client Coordinator of your needs.

  • Link Care provides a limited number of reduced-fee services to people in the Central Valley with financial need. If you do not have insurance and are unable to cover the cost of counseling call (559) 439-5920, ask for the New Client Coordinator, and notify him/her that you are interested in reduced fee services. If we are unable to provided reduced fee counseling, we will provide a referral to other agencies that can provide low fee services.




For those inquiring about our RPG program please contact Joanie Joy, ext 132



The clinical team at Link Care frequently provides seminars and trainings for mission agencies, churches, and our local community. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming trainings and seminars.

Our clinical team is pleased to partner with agencies and organizations to provide seminars on a wide variety of topics. Please contact our Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Smith, for inquiries. 

Contact Dr. Smith